We want the existing art system to be democratic, fair and diverse. In our opinion, the White Cube stands for an elitist way of dealing with art and for the presentation of artworks in the service of the market.

For this reason we deliberately differentiate ourselves from this common aesthetic and prefer the color reversal: Black. For us, black is also the color of the zero point and a New beginning. We have been working on our vision under the name since 2017.


(Sibylle Wagner, artist at

How does share?

Obviously, the artists benefit from our participation model for sold artworks. But our model goes even further. It also contributes to all other actors from the creative branch (our Crew), for the work they have done as a percentage will.

Why do we think this is the right model?

If you ask around you will quickly notice that artists are not always sufficient in financial means e.g. to advance their own marketing or to be able to pay high quality documentation of works of art. Through the network of, motivated Creatives can be found With professional experience in supervising artists or creating content. Due to the sales participation model, they are cashed out for their work as soon as artworks are sold. for artists:

Online presence with its own subpage
Provision / creation of high-quality, media content (portrait, photos, text, video, audio)
Acceptance of sales processing and transport
Exclusive selection of works of art, work-related contracts (cooperation with galleries, self-marketing, etc. still possible)
Publication right for in-house magazine
The platform can optionally be used to advertise your own exhibitions and campaigns
Personal support and advice
Individual exhibitions at different locations
Network for realizing ideas
Invitation to internal network meetings with all actors for creative professionals:

Online presence with its own subpage
Sales participation in the creation of media content about artists (photos, text, video, audio)
Platform for supporting your own artists and marketing works of art (inexpensive alternative to setting up your own gallery)
Option to market your own artistic positions
Sales participation in artist support (curator)
Network and mediation of cooperations
Sales participation in the organization of campaigns and exhibitions
Invitation to internal network meetings with all actors for all:

High quality, exclusive selection of artists and works of art
Easy purchase option of works of art in every price category
Opportunity to support artists financially by buying atofacts
Video, texts, audio contributions about artists who are a pleasure to consume
Information on current exhibitions and promotions
Insight into the entire network, possibility to ask freelance crew members for jobs and cooperations
Actions and exhibitions that make you think
Personal contact with artists and the crew
Network for professional cooperation

Addition: for “room owners

Do you have rooms in which you can and want to show art? Your living room, a bar, a public office, a vacancy - we are always happy to be able to use new places!

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