Vision rethinks structures within the art world: as a collective we show art, mediate sales and collaborations.

The Crew introduces the producers of our content (video, text, audio, photo, ...).

Art and Artists can be found online and offline via

Our campaigns and events are under the heading Events.


  1. for, art is an essential part of our society
    Art opens up free spaces, aesthetic spaces, critical spaces and these are elementary to show perspectives of thinking.
  2. advocates a fair and transparent art market
    more at transparency
  3. wants to rethink existing structures in the art world
  4. expressly believes in the relevance of autonomous art
    Art should be able to emerge independently of a utility or outside clients. Not necessarily beautiful, imitative or political, but freely in all forms of expression.
  5. stands for dialogical and democratic curating
    We support artistic initiative and value that campaigns are developed jointly.
  6. puts cooperation above competition
  7. setzt sich in jeglicher Hinsicht für mehr Dialog und Diskurs ein
  8. advocates more dialogue and discourse in every respect
    Art for everyone, not just for the art scene.
  9. for, not only the work, but also the person behind it is in the foreground
  10. promotes the networking of various disciplines and cultures
  11. has no fixed location, but works decentrally

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